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Church Leadership

Church Council

Church council is divided into 5 deacons and 5 trustees, these are the church leaders that oversee the daily activities of the church and set the course for the future of the church.

Church Council meets the 2nd Wednesday of every month @ 8:00 pm

Board of Deacons

  • Adam Beers
  • Sue Anderson
  • Todd Wells
  • Rod Smith
  • Brenda Krieger

Board of Trustees

  • Andrew Hauger
  • Chris Petersen
  • Brian Meier
  • Dave Milbrath
  • Chad Thram

Committees & Their Roles

Board of

The board of education works to promote all avenues of education in our congregation. This includes Sunday school, adult education, and youth programs.

  • April Beyer (Superintendent)
  • Brenda Anderson
  • Brenda (Mrs.Nick) Anderson
  • Kari Smith
  • Jenni Runck

Board of

The board of stewardship works to develop and grow our congregation’s stewardship and outreach efforts. Stewardship is the proper usage of all that God has given us, time, talents, and finances.

  • Kay Pingeon
  • Lisa Arnoldi
  • Michelle Anderson
  • Katie Beers
  • Joy Wells
  • Jane Thram

Board of Worship Planning

All worship planning is handled by this group. This includes music selection, special services throughout the year, and the choir.

  • Jodi Dalsgaard
  • Peggy Martius
  • Jen Eberhard
  • Janelle Tews
  • Marian Thorston
  • Linda Meier

2023 Nominating Committee

All worship planning is handled by this group. This includes music selection, special services throughout the year, and the choir.

  • James Anderson
  • Arliss Petersen
  • Diane Thram

Mission Endowment

Fund’s mission work above and beyond programs supported by regular offerings.

  • Pastor Bennet
  • Curt Fredin
  • Charles Tews
  • Gilbert Anderson
  • Lynn Hansen
  • Paul Arnold


Kari Scholtz is the custodian of funds and disburses funds following the congregation’s wishes.

Financial Secretary

Lynn Hansen & Nancy Anderson keep the records of congregational giving and other contributions.


  • Julie Smith
  • Darcy Hoyt

Luther League Advisors

Oversee the Luther League activities, plan activities, and serve as leaders in the group.

  • Brenda (Mrs Nick) Anderson

Flower Committee

Ensure proper floral arrangements for all services held within the church.

  • Lorie Frederiksen
  • Sandy Hesse
  • Carlotta Lindeman
  • Becky Peters
  • Kay Pingeon
  • Sandy Runck
  • Crystal Augustin
  • Marian Thorston
  • Diane Thram
  • Kristi Yokiel

Altar Committee

Responsible for placing decorations for worship services, cleaning, and keeping up the altar and communion ware.

  • Arliss Petersen
  • Darlene Trapp
  • Lisa Arnoldi
  • Mae Wenner
  • Melanie Cook



Greet all people as they enter and exit the building during any events. Assists in any need a member or visitor has while in the building.

Head Ushers:

  • Ben Luense
  • Curt Frederiksen
  • Andrew Hauger
  • Josh Anderson

Augustana District &
LCMC Delegates

LCMC/Augustana District

  1. Jodi Dalsgaard
  2. Marian Thorston

LCMC Delegates for
Annual Gathering

Two delegates needed.

St. Johns
NH Delegates

  • Darvin Voge (board member – 3 yr. term)
  • Arliss Petersen (Auxiliary Rep)
  • Darlene Trapp
  • Sandy Runck
  • Paul Tews

Additional Volunteer: Angie Ames

St. Johns
SAFE Board

  • Jan Anderson,
  • Marian Thorston (congregational representative.)

Mission & Outreach

We are a church that comes together to worship, but we don’t stay here! We are on the move in our community and in our lives carrying out the Great Commission. These are some of the ways that we live out our calling, either through financial support, volunteering, or both:

  • Souper Bowl of Caring
  • St. John’s Home
  • Rally Day in the Park
  • Riverside Days Parade
  • Riverside Days Community Worship
  • Thanksgiving Community Worship
  • SAFE Food Voucher program
  • Quilter’s
  • The Banquet
  • VBS
  • Help Your Neighbor Sunday
  • Springfield Area Food Shelf
  • Luther House of Study\St. Paul’s Seminary
  • World Hunger
  • Mission Mexico
  • India Missions
  • SON – Spiritual Orphans Network
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Springfield School Teachers
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Operation Christmas Joy

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